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About Energy Quest™

Energy Quest™ is a fully interactive, technology-based program that transforms students in grades 6-8 into home-energy investigators. Students move through an inflatable home and use visual cues to locate areas where electricity, water or gas is being used. Upon locating these areas, students interact with a provided tablet to test their knowledge and learn about better energy-conservation methods.

Through this program, Eversource aims to provide students with real-world examples of how they can be more conscious of their daily energy use.

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Energy Quest™ is open to grades 6-8 in all middle schools.

How to Sign Up

Bring Energy Quest™ to Your School

Program requests are now being accepted for the 2019-2020 academic year. Teachers can request the program by completing the form below. Once you submit your request, an Energy Quest™ team member will contact you by phone or email to schedule the program. For additional information or questions, email eversourceschoolprogram@eversource.com.

Fill out my online form.

Student Resources

Click the icons to learn more about each topic and download the material.

Home Audit

Take Mass Save's Online Home Energy Assessment and create your home-energy profile. You'll get an estimate of potential energy savings and cost-effective upgrade advice. By taking the online assessment, you’ll learn if your home is a good candidate for an in-home assessment.


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  • What is Energy Quest™?

    Energy Quest™ is a 40-minute program designed for students in grades 6-8. This fully interactive, technology-based program transforms students into home-energy auditors as they explore an inflatable home looking for areas of energy consumption. Students will each be given an iPad Mini to take with them as they navigate the inflatable home, which will prompt questions about energy conservation as they look for electricity, water or gas being used.

  • Is there a cost to bring Energy Quest™ to a school?

    No! Energy Quest™ is provided free of charge as long as the school is located within an area serviced by Eversource.

  • What towns are eligible?

    Energy Quest™ is open to all middle schools in Eversource electric communities in Massachusetts. For a list of towns, go to "See if your community is eligible".

  • When is the program offered?

    Program requests are now being accepted for this academic school year (2019-2021).

  • How long is the program? Can a single class request it?

    Given the amount of time it takes to set up and run the program, it's best that multiple classes participate. Energy Quest™ is designed to fit into a 40-minute class period and can accommodate up to 30 students at once, allowing for six classes to participate in a school day. Additional days or half days can be done to accommodate larger or smaller grade sizes.

  • Where can the inflatable house be set up?

    It can be set up in a gymnasium or on a sports field or other flat field. The dimensions of the inflatable house are approximately 15 feet high, 35 feet wide and 40 feet long. Whether inside or outside, it MUST have access to power (two dedicated 20-amp circuits) and must have a 48-inch-wide ramp and turn radius or freight elevator access. There must also be 48-inch-wide entryways. If the program is to take place outside, there must be the ability to stake the ground (i.e., no sprinkler system) or access to a water spigot to fill water weights.

  • What is the setup process?

    Energy Quest™ staff will arrive 90 minutes before the start of the program to check in with the school staff. The program takes 60 minutes to set up.

  • Is the inflatable house a bouncy house?

    While created out of the same material as a bouncy house, it is not bouncy because there is not an inflatable base.

  • Do teachers need parent permission before registering their class?

    No, parent permission is not required, but we do encourage teachers to notify parents that the class is participating in this program.

  • How do I request the program?

    Certified teachers can request the program by filling out and submitting this form. You will then receive an email or phone call from a member of the Energy Quest™ team to schedule the program. For questions, please email eversourceschoolprogram@eversource.com.

  • Where should I mail program requests to?

    Email is the preferred method to request a program at your school. However, if you have to use postal mail, please send your request to:
    Motus Experential: Energy Quest™
    PO Box 2353
    South Hamilton, MA 01982

  • Where can I get more information?

    Email is the preferred method to request a program at your school. However, if you have to use postal mail, please send your request to: Motus Experiential: Energy Quest™, PO Box 2353, South Hamilton, MA 01982

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